Give the Gift of Life

On Christmas Eve, Scott needed Air Rescue after a truck accident left him with critical injuries.

This Christmas we need you. Your generosity before December 18th will help save a life these holidays.

On Christmas Eve on a quiet country road in North Canterbury, 25 year old Scott Bamford gasped
for air as he came to. Concussed and disoriented, he found himself lodged halfway out of the back
window of his truck, his seatbelt ripped apart. He coughed and blood splattered on the glass next to
him — his lung was ruptured and ribs fractured, he was gasping for air. There was glass, silage
and oil everywhere and the engine of the truck was still running. He tried desperately to reach the
key with his foot to turn the engine off but his leg felt like a dead weight. A keen rafting enthusiast,
he mused it would be OK to drown but not to be burnt alive. Scott started screaming for help but
soon realized it was doing him no good. He was choking … and there was no one around to hear.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in this situation? It’s hard to picture; hard to imagine the terror.

We need to raise $250,000 before December 18th to be there for patients like Scott this holiday period. Christmas is a time for family and friends; for reaching out and helping others.

Please extend your support today so together we can be there this Christmas for everyone who needs us.

We rescued over 900 people

in 2016 alone


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