Visit the base, view the aircraft, chat with the crew, check out the essential equipment,
and learn how your donations support life-saving services

A visit to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and NZ Flying Doctor based at GCH Aviation is an opportunity to see the workings of the two services.

The base will be open for bookings four times during the year to allow you, and your group, to join us behind the scenes. These fixed dates allow us to plan your visit while ensuring minimal disruption to the service and enabling the Trust to continue their vital fundraising work.

What you need to know:

Walking tour

Please wear flat, comfortable shoes and warm clothing.

This is a walking tour of the base and you may be standing for a while listening to the crew or viewing the equipment.

The base is all on one level but will require you to be able to walk an average distance.

As it is a working base, we recommend that you wear enclosed shoes for your safety.


H145 in hangar with simulator in shot

Group tours

There will be a limited number of spaces on each tour.

To give as many people as possible the opportunity to visit the base we are grouping visitors into booking slots.

This is not an exclusive visit.

plane by signage

Working base

As this is a working base, we cannot guarantee that our helicopters, planes, or crew will be here at the time of your visit.

Their responsibility to the community is their highest priority and the aircraft will fly if they are called on.

If the aircraft and crew are not on base you will still be able to visit and hear about the services.

If the helicopters are called out during your visit you will be given instructions to ensure your and the crew’s safety while they ready the aircraft to fly.

BK117 Westpac IGS back doors open close up shot