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NewsIJuly 04 2024
We had a fantastic day today welcoming over 60 donors and friends into the hangar to see the helicopters up close.
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Patient StoriesIJuly 04 2024
I screamed a couple of times & thankfully people who were also walking the track, came back to help.
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Patient StoriesIApril 28 2024
As we descended Porters Pass heading West a tourist crossed the centre line into our lane from behind a row of oncoming cars and hit us head on.
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NewsIApril 12 2024
Thank you to the Ashburton community for the amazing welcome we had as we shared MISSION 2026 with you.
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NewsIMarch 01 2024
GCH Aviation has purchased three Airbus H145 air rescue helicopters for the Canterbury West Coast region
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“We donate because we are so thankful that Air Rescue were able to be there to bring me to safety that day.”
Chemistry Professor, experienced tramper, patient

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