Meet the extraordinary crew, a dedicated team of professionals committed to saving lives. Supported by our Board of Trustees, they are ready to serve.

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Rick Knight

Crew Chief

Rick Knight has been Crew Chief for close to 20 years.He works closely with the COO of GCH Aviation, Declan Smiddy, the Clinical Director, Dr Katherine Townend, and Operations Manager, Christoph Heathcote.

“We have a diverse and amazing set of skills on the crew with Critical Care Paramedics (CCPs), experienced rescue pilots and fully trained crew.

We could not do this without your support.”

“Last year I attended an ultra-sound course, simulation-based education courses and hope to attend some aero-medical conferences in the coming months. All of these will help us improve patient care outcomes.”
– Tatsu, Critical Care Paramedic
“I recall a 220-foot winch (close to the limit of the winch) – a lady had fallen off the track on Quail Island. It was a very tricky job but with a good outcome. On another day we attended a scene with a motor vehicle accident and successfully winched out two patients.”
– Brent, Pilot

Essential Specialist Equipment

Each year we need to replace aeromedical equipment and there are new, exciting developments like improved night vision goggles and ultrasound probes.  We need your help to stay up to date, improve patient outcomes, and save lives.

Corepuls3 defibrilator monitor
Night vision goggles
Stryker stretcher
Immersion suit
Crew lifejacket and helmets

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Brent on the hillside with Scott and Matt

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