Our vision is that people across the vast and
rugged Canterbury and West Coast regions can live
their lives to the full, assured that if they have an
emergency, the Rescue Helicopter will be there to
look after them and their families.

The Rescue Helicopter Trust has funded the life-saving Rescue Helicopters in Canterbury and the West Coast since 1989. We have an excellent partnership with GCH Aviation, the contracted operator of the Rescue Helicopter Service. GCH Aviation, work in partnership with Heli Otago as the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) to deliver Rescue Helicopter Services across the South Island.

The Role of the Trust

  • to raise funds to support the operation of the Rescue Helicopter Service, which is not fully government funded.
  • to fund life-saving equipment; and initiatives that will improve patient outcomes
  • to ensure this service is sustainable
  • to represent the community in the Canterbury West Coast region.
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Examples of Projects to Improve Patient Care

Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)

This enables the Rescue Helicopter to fly in lower cloud conditions and is particularly important in our region
Having this fully implemented will save lives.
  1. Stage 1:
    1. Complete rescue pilot training across Canterbury Further develop heli-pads
  2. Stage 2:
    1. Extend routes to the West Coast
    2. Upgrade aircraft
    3. Heli-pad development
    4. Pilot training
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Medical Equipment

The Trust supplies the top of the range medical equipment to ensure that our crews are equipped to provide the highest level of patient care, improving patient outcomes.
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