Help save 50 lives

These are the words of Mark Inglis when I speak to him about his accident all those years ago on Mt Cook and it is as if it was yesterday, on the day his life was saved by a rescue crew. This is why he has chosen to put up his hand and help the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Crew.

Like many charities our fundraising has been severely impacted by COVID-19, in some months it has been down by 50%. The thing that has kept us going is the generosity of loyal and generous supporters like you. We must continue saving lives like Mark’s and those of other recent patients like Josephine, Scotty, Andrew, Matt, Suzanne and Steven (and his daughter Grace).

All these patients have joined with Mark Inglis and other supporters to become Ambassadors of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and ROA Mining Rescue Helicopter.

Their goal, to raise $250,000 to support 50 lifesaving missions.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Saved Matt's Life

- Patient

Matt was flying like a bird soaring through the sky doing some speed-flying off the top of the gondola and the next, he misjudged the angle and ended up smashing into a rocky outcrop, feet first. His tibia shot through the bottom of his feet and he lost all sensation in his legs.


The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Saved Helen's Life

- Patient

Helen Higgins, mother of Jack and Sarah, had stopped at an intersection and was patiently waiting for a gap in the traffic. It was a routine trip for Helen in North Canterbury but on that day a van approached from behind and thrust Helen’s vehicle into the on-going traffic. It took close to 2 hours for the Rescue Crew to extract Helen from her car but despite serious injury she survived.

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Stu Farquhar

- Senior Rescue Pilot

I know that if we can get medical assistance to a patient within 60 minutes their chance of making a full recovery increases by 80%.

It's the role of the rescue pilot to try and make that happen. Often we are heading to remote and previously unknown locations at a moments notice, any time of the day or night and we have do that as safely as possible.

The only real way to achieve this is with a helicopter, but getting a 3.5 ton, 15 million-dollar helicopter in the air is expensive.

I know this service saves lives.

If you decide to support a charity, I know this one makes a difference.

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Willie McBride

- Our Youngest Ambassador

Willie’s mother Josephine had a most unfortunate accident, she slipped on a piece of tomato on the floor of the bakery and broke her hip. It didn’t heal properly and as a result she has been plagued by infections and bleeding as well as needing a wheelchair.

The family live outside of Franz Josef on a farm in a beautiful but isolated area. Willie took his first ride with his mother on the ROA Mining Rescue Helicopter (the Greymouth based machine).

After experiencing this Willie described to me sitting in the park with one of his mates, thinking about what he could do to help, and as a result he organised a raffle, approaching businesses all across the West Coast for support. That raffle raised $8,176.84. I remember buying some raffle tickets - what a salesman!!

He has gone on to raise over $16,000 and has  helped save lives.

As Willie states, “I have lots of ideas and want to do more; I am a bit older now (15 years) so I just need to balance it with my NCEA but I am determined to help - my Mum may need the helicopter again.”

Willie wants to encourage everyone to help and support the service and said to me. “Tell them, together we can save lives.”

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Scotty Bamford

- Accident survivor and Ambassador

Scotty Bamford, you may recall, had a terrible motor vehicle accident several years ago on Christmas Eve — he was stuck in the vehicle with the fuel leaking out and in a very bad state. His recovery was long but a steely determination pulled him through and a few years later he completed the Mongol Rally — a trip though countries including:- Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia — with the car needing to be valued at under £1,000!!

Scotty and his mates made it and raised over $9,000 for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

He too has joined us at this time of need and is determined to help in his local North Canterbury community.


In choosing to support the Rescue Helicopter and Crew we give you the assurance that the monies directly support the day to day operation of the Service and will make a life saving difference starting now.


As Rick Knight our Crew Chief states, “We cannot put a price on the cost of a life but quite simply without support we cannot be there for those at their time of greatest need. It could be your bother, uncle, sister, son, work mate, friend or wife”.

Help support 50 life-saving missions today.

Together we can save lives

We rescued 874 people

in 2020 alone

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