In 2020 the New Zealand Flying Doctor Service (NZFDS) was tasked to 1207 missions across New Zealand. Williams Corporation Limited is the Principal Sponsor of the NZFDS.
About the NZFD service:

When time is of the essence and distance is an issue, the New Zealand Flying Doctor Service is the only option for many patients.

This service provides critical-care patient transfer services between hospitals across New Zealand.

As a flying intensive care unit with highly trained medical staff and specialist equipment, patients receive a seamless level of care from bed to bed- they are in the safest of hands.

The service operates 24/7 transferring critical care burn victims, spinal injury patients, neonatal transfers, trauma victims, surgery transfers, organ delivery, blood or equipment supplies.


The NZFD service started with 100 missions per year and quickly grew to 300 and now we do more than 751 missions from Nelson and 461 from Christchurch. The service does an average of more than 1200 missions per year.

Current NZFDS Pilots – Christchurch 10, Nelson 4.

Current NZFDS Nurses- 17 full time nurses and 4 part time nurses.

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We rescued 874 people

in 2020 alone