The Lives you Save

We need to raise $250k to keep families whole. Your support will save lives.

Right now we need to raise $250k to keep 50 families together. Your donation today will help save lives like Baby Thea's. 

We all suffer loss, the difference is when it can be prevented. It is gratifying for me to work today for
a service that saves so many lives and helps keeps families together for generations to come.

Your support saved baby Thea’s life when she decided to come 2 months early. 

Every time Tracy Foley drives from her home on Banks Peninsula to Christchurch, at a certain point on the road she recalls the traumatic day she needed the Westpac Rescue Helicopter; the day she sat in her car, pregnant and heavily bleeding.

Tracy often reflects on what might have been. Both mother and baby Thea survived the premature arrival. Luckily, for Tracy and her family the Westpac Rescue Helicopter was there to save their lives. Thea, now aged 7, is the tallest girl in her class.

Every dollar raised goes towards life-saving missions; every dollar helps. Please donate today.

We rescued over 900 people

in 2016 alone


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