Bring hope to families in need this Christmas.

In an emergency, hearing the rescue helicopter arrive this Christmas will be the most precious gift for someone's family; it will be the gift of hope.

No one plans to need our help; but if you or a loved one has a serious accident or medical emergency that requires a rescue helicopter, we will be there, even on Christmas Day.

Christmas and the holiday period is fast approaching and it's a wonderful time in New Zealand; a chance to enjoy some warm weather and special family time. Christmas is also the busiest time of year for the Rescue Helicopter Service. We need to prepare, we need to be ready so we can be there for you, a family member, a neighbour or someone in your community.

January, February, and March see the Rescue Helicopters working to capacity, responding day and night to accidents and medical emergencies. It’s a time when we need to put extra crewing in place which adds additional costs.

We need to raise a minimum of $210,000 to operate the service during this peak time. We need to raise this money before December 18th and we need your help.

Please help the crew be fully prepared and ready for the busiest time ahead. We need to bring hope this Christmas and holiday time - this is what Christmas is all about.

Your donation today will ensure we can give hope to families in need.

We rescued 959 people

in 2018 alone


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