The Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust has been funding the life-saving Air Rescue service in Canterbury and the West Coast since 1989. This has been achieved in partnership with Garden City Helicopters, the operator of the service.

Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust (CWCART) is a charity and relies on the generous support of our community to continue funding this service. Only 30% of our mission costs are covered by the government (ACC and Ministry of Health), and the rest needs to be made up by donations from individuals, families, and businesses in our community. This is an expensive but essential service; in fact each mission costs an average of $8625, and we need to raise over $7 million a year. You need only look into the eyes of someone who has been saved to know the real value of Air Rescue.

An air rescue service wouldn’t exist without the life-saving donations from passionate supporters of CWCART.

We rescued over 930 people

in 2015 alone


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