You may be shocked to hear but our life saving missions have increased by 40%. This the largest increase we have ever experienced since the service started over 30 years ago, more people are needing our help each day. The crew are doing, on average, 3 missions each day – chances are they are out there now, as we speak, helping someone in need, someone’s father, sister, son or cousin. It’s reassuring knowing they are ready to go a moments notice to help our community right?
Just this last week, the crew have helped those suffering from: - strokes, respiratory issues, cardiac, neurological emergencies, bleeds, asthma attacks and allergic reactions as well as attending car accidents, work incidents, farming accidents, search and rescues, flood rescues and ski field incidents. As our crew say, there are never two days the same – nor two patients the same
But look, we couldn’t do it without your donation every year, this year more than ever, but I am not calling about that today. We are setting up something really exciting: it’s called MISSION SUPPORT CREW and we would love you to join along with other core supporters, we have had a really good response so far.
G369 Mission Support Crew Appeal Page Image

We invite you to become a FOUNDING member, to help give certainty - giving us a solid foundation so we can respond day and night and save lives.

It’s really simple, as a member of the MSC, your reoccurring gift would make all the difference and it would be in credible what we could achieve together.
In situations when time is of the essence and the rescue helicopter is the only option it can be the difference between life and death. Signing up today will help save those at their time of desperate need.

We rescued 874 people

in 2020 alone