Training Saves Lives

As we enter 2021, the Crew are focused on being prepared for when the next call comes in. All 43 Crewman, Intensive Care Paramedics and Pilots train year round to be fully equipped to deal with the varying rescue missions they face. Each year the Trust needs to raise $215,000 for training – that’s $5,000 per Crew member.

“Every year there is something new, there are always  better techniques to be learnt. It all helps our patients.” Rick Knight, Crew Chief.

The Crew need to be proficient in multiple types of training including:

  • Winch training; for water, boat, night, NVG, nappy and stretcher and mountainous terrain
  • Bush survival, snow survival, avalanche awareness
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Flying in the wire environment
  • Hover loading and unloading
  • Aircraft refuelling techniques
  • Clinical and flight training

Whether it’s landing on a cruise ship or winching an injured patient from a fishing boat, the Crew are always at the ready. There are many scenarios to train for, with one of the trickier vessels being sailing boats. Intensive Care Paramedic Scott remembers one in particular that saw him needing to be winched down into a dingy behind a yacht, due to the vessel’s mast and the rigging, and then pulled onboard.

These situations described by the Crew can often be the most frightening for patients; lost, disoriented, and injured out in the bush; or cold, vulnerable in treacherous seas far from land and far from loved ones.

Training gives the Crew confidence to go out in these situations, to adapt and save lives in the most difficult of circumstances.” Mike McLintock, Crewman and Training Manager

Quite simply without your support for this essential training we would not be able to save lives. The right training can make all the difference in life and death situations.