First landing on the Christchurch Hospital Helipad

Helipad Celebrations at Hagley Park

The Trust celebrated the Christchurch Hospital helipad launch alongside the Maia Health Foundation and the Canterbury community earlier this month. The Maia Health Foundation hosted an amazing event celebrating all those involved with the Christchurch Hospital helipad project.

The Maia Health Foundation began fundraising for the helipad in early 2018 and raised over $500,000 in six months. This was then dollar matched by the Rata Foundation. Mai’s efforts continued with a further $1,000,000 raised through community fundraising, events, and significant grants from organisations the Canterbury Orthopaedic Services, Mackenzie Charitable Foundation and Advance Ashburton.  Individuals and families also made generous donations.

Maia Health Foundation Chief Executive said, “It’s been an incredible journey and while we had donations from all over New Zealand and overseas, the Canterbury community really got behind what we were trying to achieve, with more than 71% of all donations coming from Canterbury.”

Of the fantastic community fundraising Flatman said, “We wanted to take the helipad from good to great.  It was a bold goal but together, with our community, we’ve done it.  Tonight we are recognizing this incredible achievement.”

The helipad has a future proof design thanks to Maia funding. The helipad is 30% bigger than initially planned. The design now enables 2 helicopters to access the helipad at the same time. It is also the only helipad in New Zealand to have a clinical support unit. This unit at the top of the helipad enables specialist treatments immediately upon touchdown.

New Zealand Flying Doctor Clinical lead, Dr David Bowie has advocated for a rooftop helipad for more than 20 years. “I’ve spent a large part of my career in intensive care medicine and I have seen first-hand the difference 13 minutes could make.  Having such an advanced and future-proofed helipad at Christchurch Hospital is a dream that I’m so delighted I’ve seen come true.  There’s no doubt it will result in not only a drastically improved patient experience, but also improved patient outcomes,” David said.

The Trust wishes to extend its thanks to the Maia Health Foundation, the Canterbury community, and all those involved in the Christchurch Hospital helipad project.