Air Rescue Ambassador

Hi, my name is Brett Anderson and I am CEO of the Christchurch Casino and long time business supporter of the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust. I am proud to be a new Ambassador for the Trust

I love the outdoors, pushing boundaries and taking on challenges, I appreciate that accidents or medical emergencies can happen anytime, and in these instances, ‘time is of the essence.’  The Westpac Rescue Helicopter is a lifeline and one that any one of us could need.  It is an honour to be working with the crew as an Ambassador and seeing ‘behind the scenes’ – a lot goes into this service and it costs, but when a life is on the line it’s a necessity.  Please join me in supporting this service.  Together, we can save lives! 

Life can be fickle; when I see or hear the Rescue Helicopter it does make me stop and give thought to whoever is involved. Two of my friends have had to use the service. Neither was in a position to fully appreciate it at the time but they do now and they are very grateful.

You just never know when you may need it and that is why it has my full support.