At the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust, we have many long-term supporters who continue to give because they know that their contribution can not only help fund a mission, but it can save someone's life. With more than 900 missions each year, the support of even one mission can make a real difference.
A major gift is a sizable financial contribution made by an individual, family or charitable trust that supports the work Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust work and it is often a planned gift for a specific purpose.
Ideas for donations – contribution towards:
$5,000 for a lifes-saving mission
$10,000 for two lifesaving missions
$25,000 to train an existing crew member
$30,000 for a new crew member
$50,000 for ten lifesaving missions over winter (when it is most needed)
Or make a contribution towards our Endowment Fund to ensure the financial future of the service
Other ways to give
There are many ways to celebrate by giving a gift to the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust -
· In Memoriam - to celebrate a loved ones’ life
· A living bequest – to help you witness the benefit of your gift
· A gift in lieu of presents for personal celebrations such as a birthday or wedding, or other celebration
We will work with you to ensure that your gift achieves the impact in the area that you are passionate about, supporting the rescue helicopters across Canterbury and the West Coast. The team will keep in touch with updates on the work that has been possible with your help.
For more information please contact -
Virginia Close, Development Fundraiser
021-166 – 4295