The H145 Rescue helicopter arrives

13th August, 2019 represents the culmination of over 30 years of life saving missions across our region. It is a big day; with the unveiling of Canterbury’s new Airbus H145 Rescue Helicopter; the first of its type for Emergency Medical Services in New Zealand.

Taking the performance to the next level, the arrival of the H145 means improved patient care – so that we can better look after you and your family.

Right now we need your help to get us off the ground. We need to raise $205,000 to cover mission costs for September, October and November.


"Our new H145 helicopter is quite simply an amazing machine" says Rescue Pilot Matt Boulcoutt, who travelled this year to the home of Airbus in Germany for specialist training and certification.

Key features of the H145 include:

  • Larger engines improve the performance of the machine giving more high altitude capability
  • Advanced avionic and autopilot features including auto hovering and auto levelling on approach
  • Improved safety with the fenestron tail (less exposed)
  • Full glass digital cockpit
  • Larger cabin area giving better access and improved manoeuvrability for our Intensive Care Paramedics to care for patients

When you need help, we will be there with our purpose built, state of the art Rescue Helicopter and a highly skilled, fully trained crew.

The crew, led by Rick Knight, can now respond to multiple emergency call outs with two Rescue Helicopters available in Canterbury, sponsored by Westpac, and a twin engine BK-117 B2 operating out of Greymouth on the West Coast, sponsored by NZCC.

The crew is backed up by a fabulous engineering team, tucked away behind the scenes in the GCH Aviation maintenance hangar, who ensure the rescue helicopters are ready to respond 24/7/365. As Mike, one of the engineers trained to look after the machine, says, "Every little thing has a consequence, we all work very closely together, we have no margin of error when lives are at risk."

We have this amazing new machine, more crew and technical resource – what we have is world class.


Right now we need to raise $205,000 to support rescue missions in September, October and November.


Your donation today will mean that no matter how far from hospital you are across Canterbury or on the West Coast, if you or your family need urgent medical care, the Rescue Helicopter will be there.

Be a part of this exciting new chapter in Air Rescue. Please donate today to make a life-saving difference to someone in our community tomorrow.

We rescued 959 people

in 2018 alone


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