On average the crew respond to eight missions each month involving a child and it is for these missions that we are asking for your help.


To be there for our children – please donate today to support the 30 lifesaving missions this summer.

Christmas and the holidays are a time of year that we think of family and being close to those we love, especially our children. The Rescue Crew, led by Crew Chief, Rick Knight, always find it hard when they respond to an emergency callout and find there is a child involved.


They think of their own families and this was the case for Crewman, Nigel and Intensive Care Paramedic,  Rod when they responded to an emergency callout for 11-year-old Josie, after she suffered life-threatening injuries as a result of a terrible fall last year on Father’s Day.


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The message below was sent recently to the Crew from Josie’s Mum.


"To all the wonderful team at Westpac Rescue Helicopters, including Rod who I remember assisted and cared for our 11-year-old daughter Josie, on our flight from Mt Hutt skifield to Christchurch Hospital on Sunday 1st September 2019.


Our family want to express our heartfelt thank you and gratitude for saving Josie's life after her terrifying fall.


My husband called 111 straight away and somehow, your skilful pilot flew into South face and picked her up and flew her back to the Mt Hutt medical rooms where she was assessed and given pain relief and then put back into the helicopter.


I flew with her back to Christchurch while my husband and 2 other daughters followed in the car. Unfortunately the road was closed due to avalanche control so they had to wait at least an hour before they could begin their journey down the mountain.


I remember the paramedic Rod was very calm and reassuring. He explained things and tried to make me feel at ease. I was terrified inside and living a parent’s worst nightmare!


We landed safely in Hagley Park and Josie was transferred by Ambulance to hospital where a large team of Doctors and Nurses were waiting. Josie had a long list of injuries and was placed into an induced coma. She spent three weeks in hospital and miraculously has made a full recovery. Rod the paramedic even visited Josie in hospital and gave her a beautiful soft toy of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.


I have no doubt in my mind that the actions and quick thinking of your dedicated team on the day saved Josie's life. On a positive note, Josie is back skiing and enjoying life to the full.


We are so lucky in New Zealand to have an incredible service and dedicated team at Westpac Rescue Helicopter, who go above and beyond, saving lives. We will be forever grateful for the care and kindness shown to our family. Warmest regards Pip, Wynne, Alice, Josie and Olive Roycroft.”

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Children are our most vulnerable patients. Every year the Canterbury Westpac Rescue Helicopters and West Coast ROA Mining Rescue Helicopter fly an average of 72 missions involving patients under the age of 18.


To be there for our children – please help raise $156K to support 30 lifesaving missions over the busy summer months.


Josie’s story is a remarkable example of how one of our own families was rescued and came through such adversity.


It is only with the kindness and generosity of the community that the Crew can be there for our children this summer. This support makes a lifesaving difference to our patients and their families.


YES - I will help save the lives of children like Josie when the Rescue Helicopter is the difference between life and death.

TOGETHER we can save lives

We rescued 959 people

in 2018 alone


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