AsureQuality MAP Project

Accidents happen every day. As we head into the busy winter period, we need your help if things don't go as planned

AsureQuality and the Air Rescue Helicopter Trust have partnered again to help keep Kiwis safe.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and it can be terrifying to suffer a medical emergency far from help. Across our rugged, rural and remote outdoors - a place we like to describe as “Chopper Country” - the Westpac Rescue Helicopter is a life-line.

Together we want to join forces with the rural community so that when Kiwis are out working and enjoying all that the Canterbury and West Coast regions have to offer, we can give peace of mind that if anything happens the Westpac Rescue Helicopter will be there.

Please help the crew by updating your property map. Providing information about your property will help the Westpac Rescue Helicopter crew locate you as quickly as possible… saving time saves lives.

Also, send in your map today to go in the draw for a scenic flight for two!

Please also take the extra step today and make a life-saving donation to support this critical service. Your support will enable the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and West Coast NZCC Rescue Helicopter to be there for people in need.

By donating today you will know that when you see (or hear) the Westpac Rescue Helicopter flying over, or you find out that someone you know has used the service, that you have been a part of and helping save lives in our community.

 Your donation today will help keep Chopper County safe and we thank you sincerely for choosing to make a life-saving difference in our community.

We rescued over 900 people

in 2017 alone


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