Air Rescue Trust´s Chopper Appeal Campaign 2017

Fundraising Activities‏


You can raise money on behalf of the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust as an individual or in a group. You can organise your own event, take part in a team/group event, or be sponsored to take part in an organised event. If you don’t know what type of fundraiser you want to do, here are some ideas:


Examples of your own event: Golf Tournament, Auction, Afternoon Tea, Bake Sale, Car Wash, Dance/Disco, Fun Run, Rugby Tournament, School or Business Mufti Day, Talent Show, Fancy Dress School/Work Day, Quiz Night, Cocktail Party. At any event it can be a great idea to have raffles and sell raffle tickets to add to your revenue.


Examples of a sponsored event: City to Surf (in 2016 we are the sponsored charity!), Half/Full Marathons, Cycling Events and Triathlons.


A good idea is to set up a campaign page for free at to receive donations hassle-free.


Be clear about your goals:

     -What is your aim – to raise money or awareness of our air rescue service, or both?

     -What is your fundraising target?


The next step is to get in touch with us!


Please call us on 03 358 8244 or email us on 


Click to download the Community Fundraising Information Pack:


Community Fundraising Information Pack


Click to download a separate 'Intention to Fundraise' form - you will need to fill this out and send it to us before you start any fundraising activity for Air Rescue.  


 Intention to Fundraise Form 



 Our team are here to offer you support if you need it. We can provide you with collection buckets if you need them, our logo to use in your publicity for the event, posters and brochures, a letter of approval to fundraise on behalf of us (good to show businesses if you are trying to get raffle prizes, sponsorship, etc), and any advice you need for your fundraiser.



We need you as much as you need us! 







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