Air Rescue Trust´s Chopper Appeal Campaign 2017

Can you help provide this equipment?

While all funds raised by the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust goes towards supporting the work of our air rescue services, some of our supporters prefer to donate or raise funds for the full purchase of specific equipment.


In each case, the purchase of specific items is directly attributed to the individual donation.


Much of the equipment and resources carried on board our rescue helicopters and used by our paramedics and crew is provided by direct public donations and constantly needs to be upgraded or extended to meet operational requirements.


Currently we are looking for funds to purchase the following items for both our Westpac Rescue Helicopter based in Christchurch and our NZCC Rescue Helicopter based in Greymouth:




Replacement boots (x 6)

Cost: $350 pair

Total: $2,100


Onboard communication headsets (x 3)
Cost: $600 each

Total: $1,800


Garmin GTN 750 Navigation/GPS/Comm Unit

Total: $1,500




Back-Up Squirrel Rescue Helicopter


RT-600 Multi-band Direction Finder

Total: $44,683




LSP#402 Medivac Winch Stretcher

Total: $3,000


Seamaster II Winch Crew Harness (x4)

Cost: $600 each

Total: $2,400


EZ IO Intraosseous Infusion Drill

Total: $1,300


Dart Quick-Fit exterior Cargo Basket

Total: $14,000


Handheld FLIR BHS-XR Binoculars

Total: $11,000


BCA DTS Avalanche Tranceivers (x3)

Cost: $600 each

Total: $1,800


MT RX 2 Handheld Directional Beacon Detector

Total: $1,750


Toughbook CF-19 laptop

Total: $5,800


Sponsor a Mission

While individual mission costs vary considerably, the average cost of carrying out a rescue mission is approximately $8,625 (based on one hour mission time). By sponsoring this cost, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that a critical emergency rescue mission was accomplished - thanks to you !


If you or your organisation are interested in supplying or funding the purchase of any of these items, please contact :


Phone: 03 358 8244
or Click Here


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