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Help by making a bequest


One way you can invest in the future wellbeing and safety of your family and the generations that will follow them is by leaving a bequest to the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust.


For all of us, making a Will is one of the most important ways we can ensure friends and family are provided for when we can no longer be here to support them.


For the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust, when our supporters also choose to leave a bequest to the Trust, it is one of the most powerful decisions they make. Those supporters who have made this decision, no matter how large or small the gift, have guaranteed their generosity will continue to save lives beyond their own lifetimes.


Leaving a bequest

New Zealand's unique landscapes, its relatively small population spread across several islands and a health system built around five main centres mean air ambulances and rescue helicopters are essential to save lives.


The Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust is a registered charity and administrates the air rescue services which are a lifeline to over 1,000 patients in our region every year. Leaving a bequest helps ensure that our air rescue service will continue to be here for generations to come.


How do I make a bequest?

The process is very simple but must be conducted through your solicitor, who will help you put your wishes into words. A bequest of a specific sum is of course very welcome; however, inflation often erodes the value. To ensure the intention behind the gift is protected against inflation, you can express the bequest as a percentage of your estate.


A solicitor can help you to either alter an existing Will by adding a Codicil*, or can help you draw up a Will if you do not currently have one.


You can use our simple form (click to download) to direct your solicitor and advise them of your wishes.


The Public Trust also prepares Wills at no cost.


What happens after I have left a gift in my Will?

Please do let the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust know if you make a gift in your Will, so that you can be acknowledged appropriately and we can plan with confidence in the future.


We will respect your privacy at all times and only communicate with you about the work of the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust should you request it. Should you need to alter your Will at any time in the future your wishes will be respected.


If you have any further questions regarding bequests, please contact the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust on (03) 358 8244.


* A Codicil is an addition or supplement that explains, modifies, or revokes a Will or part of one.




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