Always wear lifejackets in boats

Rescue Zone PUZZLES


Flying Rescue missions is a very challenging job! You have to stay alert and think fast because peoples lives may depend on you.

On this page of the Rescue Zone, you'll find some fun puzzles to challenge your own skills. Good luck solving them.



Can you unscramble the names of these pieces of safety equipment and match them to the mode of transport?Safety Quiz


Many of the nasty injuries that our paramedics deal with wouldn't be as bad if people were wearing the correct safety gear. See if you can unscramble the names of four important pieces of safety equipment and match them to the mode of transport shown.


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SPOT THE DIFFERENCES in these two pictures - there are FIFTEEN, so look carefully!

Spot the Difference


A good Search and Rescue pilot and crew must have keen powers of observation.


Click on the picture (right) and take a look at both pictures. At first glance they may LOOK exactly the same, but there are actually FIFTEEN differences. Can you spot what they are?


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Rescue Maze Puzzle - locate and rescue FIVE peopleRescue Maze


We received a mission call to locate and rescue FIVE people : a snowboarder, climber, diver, fisherman and tramper. It won’t be easy - we have to find them in that order without crossing the maze or backtracking.


Also hidden in the puzzle are FIVE words - all pieces of equipment that we will need in our rescues.


Can you find the letters and unscramble the words?


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