Always wear lifejackets in boats

Puzzle Answers


Safety Quiz Answers


1. (Lifejacket) and c.

2. (Riding Helmet) and a.

3. (Crash Helmet) and b.

4. (Seatbelt) and d.



‘Spot the Difference’ Puzzle Answers


If you found more than ten, you could be very helpful in a Search and Rescue operation !

  1. Stripes missing on the fire truck
  2. Police car Blue light has changed to Red
  3. Snow flakes missing above the mountain
  4. SAR person has lost his torch
  5. Circle on top of boat mast has changed colour
  6. Trampers shirt has changed from red to blue
  7. Pukeko's beak has changed from orange to yellow
  8. Winch cable is missing from the bottom of the Rescue person being winched down
  9. Flying Doctors logo is missing from the aircraft
  10. Divers snorkel is missing
  11. Flag on boat has changed colour
  12. Missing piece of quad bike tire
  13. Sleeve on SEH pilot has changed from red to green
  14. 'GH' on SEH has been flipped
  15. Top of transmitter tower is missing


Rescue Maze Word Puzzle


Red : WINCH, Blue : HARNESS, Yellow : HELMET, Green : STRETCHER, Black : OXYGEN

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