Air Rescue Trust´s Chopper Appeal Campaign 2017

Business and Operational Partnerships


The Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust has a distinct advantage in forming a partnership with two of the most professional organisations in the air rescue and air ambulance field.



Garden City Helicopters


Garden City Helicopters Ltd

Garden City Helicopters has been in operation since 1983 and for the past 20 years has provided the machines, both rotary and fixed-wing, and crew for air rescue and air ambulance operations. The company is well resourced and owns and operates a fleet of eight helicopters and two fixed-wing air ambulances. The company has invested over $15 million in specialised air ambulance aircraft.


Its facilities include modern hangars in Canterbury and Greymouth, housing maintenance workshops, training and briefing rooms and secure storage for specialised medical and rescue equipment. On-site facilities include re-fuelling, night operation lighting and the latest communication equipment for 24 hour, 7 day week coverage.


The seven pilots all have multi-ratings and in excess of 50,000 hours experience.



St John


St John

St John's trained team of paramedics and winch operators are crucial to the successful outcome of missions, as are our water rescue volunteers. Like the Trust and Garden City Helicopters, St John's is committed to providing the very high standard of care and expertise demanded by the air rescue and air ambulance service.


The air rescue and air ambulance service itself is the only one in the region activated through Telecom's 111 Emergency Service through the St John control room. It is this 24 hour, 7 day a week rapid response system that ensures effective and immediate deployment of rescue and air ambulance crews. This service is also used by the region's Fire Fighting service for fire control, by Police Search and Rescue and by the Coastguard.



Links to other support organisations of interest

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